Today, for Create Discovery Project 04 I thought I would give an overview on some of the paintings I’ve been working on over the past few weeks.

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in with my artwork here. I’ve been posting more consistently about it on Instagram but that hasn’t translated back over to the blog. It’s great to share tips and tricks on maintaining a creative lifestyle but I think sharing my own creative projects is also important.

 After all, I’d be a bit of a fraud if I was preaching creativity but never got around to actually creating anything (outside of this blog). 

Most of the pieces I’ve been working on are slowly making their way to my art shop which has been a bit of an adjustment for me. Making a commissioned piece for someone, or putting one up for sale and then shipping it off is kind of weird.

You spend hours making something. Giving it your all and putting a piece of yourself within it. Then you pack it up and give it to someone one else. 

It’s a great feeling knowing that you’re making something beautiful for someone else to enjoy. I love knowing that it’s going to brighten up another life, add color to a room or even be a fun gift.

Still, not really knowing who I’m giving this “piece of me” to, or what they’ll do with it can be odd. Maybe I’m being a bit sentimental or overly sensitive about but it’s something that I’m getting used to.

Experimenting with Color

For this update, I thought I’d share a mix of everything. If you’ve noticed in this blog design I like purple, black, white, teal and yellow. If one day you happen to see my closet you’ll find pretty much the same. Just throw in some blue and gray for good measure. 

When I paint I naturally gravitate towards the same colors but I wanted to try my hand at the rest of the color wheel. I’ll never tire of purple and all its variations but it was time that I stretched myself creatively. 

Worse case scenario I’d make something I didn’t like. That’s what more paint is for! I can simply paint over the mess underneath and keep it moving.



No one can grow if they don’t expose themselves to new experiences. We all take something from each new turn in our lives and the same goes for palettes.

I’m not typically a pink person, but that doesn’t mean I should exclude it from all of my paintings. There could be a really awesome pink canvas in my future but I won’t know unless I give it a go.  

A lot of changes are about to take off for me and in an effort to not mentally shut down I’ve decided to initiate as much change as I can. That way, when the big change occurs that I don’t really have any say in I can be a bit more at ease with it. 

Will this plan work? The jury is still out. Will I stop being so cryptic about these “changes” and “plans?” Fingers crossed I can officially announce it next month. Until then, let’s check out some #creatediscovery art!


01 || 02 || 03




“Prisma” & “Minerva”




“Beam” & “Reign”


“See Me” & “You & I”


What do you think about this create discovery project 04 update?

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