Create Discovery Project || Update #3

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Create Discovery Project, I’m really excited to introduce you to it today! This project came along at a time when I was just beginning to reconnect with my love of art. Previously, I had gone from barely creating to suddenly feeling the urge and desire to get my hands dirty and whip out those paint brushes and notebooks that I had neglected for way too long.

I think that everyone has moments when they feel uninspired but I don’t believe it ever has to stay that way. Each of us has the potential to regain our creative mindset. It just takes a certain catalyst to trigger that desire and skill within us.

For me, I’m almost certain that consistently creating content for this blog and developing the habit of continuous creative thinking is what led me back to the love of art that’s at my core.

The Create Discovery Project or the #CreateDiscovery is the behind the scenes journey of an artist reconnecting with art. Through color, clarity, creativity, and community I’ve been able to hit my stride with what I’m truly passionate about and I’m psyched to share each step with you! 

In today’s update, I thought I’d switch things up a bit and share some of the artwork I’ve been posting on Instagram lately. If you already follow me on Instagram (@violetroots) then you know that I typically post anecdotes about creative lifestyles, a bit of style and a lot of music. Frankly, I was feeling pretty bored with what I was creating so I decided to throw myself in another direction and start sharing more of my artwork than ever before! 

It’s been fun to go in a different direction and, not only has it given my feed a whole new look but it’s also reenergized me! Instagram had gotten a bit tedious to me, I loved scrolling through other feeds but when it came time to post it was beginning to feel a lot more like a chore. Now I can’t wait to post a new picture and it feels good to be excited about it again. 

In case you haven’t realized by the design of this blog, I like color. I like vivid, saturated, bold color and my artwork reflects that. Now, my Instagram feed will too. 

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What do you think about this create discovery project update? Check out the full new look on Instagram!

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