Concert Pet Peeves

I wrote a post last year about a few tips and tricks for concertgoers but I didn’t go into my concert pet peeves too much. Part of the reason for that is that I didn’t want to be overly negative but I’ve come to the realization that some things need to be said. 

On Wednesday, I attended the PVRIS show at Webster Hall and ended up in a very unexpected situation. There was a girl there that accosted several people around her and who then went on to attack me. She grabbed my arms, hands, shoved and pushed. It was surreal and I’ve never experienced anything like that before in my life. No one has ever put their hands on me in that way and it’s a shame that someone would think it’s okay to try. 

I did not let this person ruin my time and I had a really fun experience but I’ll save those details for Monday’s post. Unfortunately, there is always at least one rotten apple in the bunch but maybe this list of concert pet peeves will give others a better idea of what is and isn’t acceptable at a concert. Most of us know better, but some of us might need a reminder. 

Do Not Aggressively Touch Anyone

This goes without saying but you do not have the right to kick, shove, hit, punch or put your hands on anyone else. It can get crowded so you may end up inadvertently touching one another but never do so with the intent to harm someone else. Just don’t. 


Dance Respectively

This harkens back to the first point. No one cares if you want to dance and have a great time. In fact, I encourage you to let loose and let the music take over. Still, you should never dance if you’re packed in like sardines. Bob your head, tap your foot, or engage in some other small movements but do not move around to the point where you’re elbowing the person to your left or stomping on the person to your right. 


Keep Your Drinks in Check

This point is self-explanatory. If you choose to get a drink be careful with the way in which you’re holding it. If you grab a glass that’s filled to the brim do yourself a favor and take a few sips before you venture back into the crowd. No one wants to end up wet because you tried to make it through with a full glass and just ended up spilling it on everyone. 


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Fix Your Hair With Others in Mind

You may not realize it but hair is pretty high up there when it comes to concert pet peeves. It’s beyond gross to have to pick out strands of someone else’s hair from your mouth.

If you’re wearing a ponytail please do not swing it back and forth. If you’re wearing your hair down at all please so not whip it back and forth. Feel free to go crazy with your Willow Smith moment if you’re in the back or if the crowd is spaced out. However, if it’s a packed, please think about the people behind you. Those waves you styled are cute but I don’t want to taste them. 


Use Your Phone in Moderation

I mentioned this before but try to be in the moment. You’re only going to be at that venue with that exact audience watching that artist once. Record a song or two, take a few pictures but please do not have your phone up the whole night. All you’re doing is obstructing the view of the people behind you. Maybe they want to take a decent photo y’know? Or maybe they’d just like to see the band play without phones blocking the way. Either way, they won’t be able to if your hands are constantly up.


Keep Your Conversations to a Minimum

It’s natural to turn to your friend and gush about the performance. It makes sense that you might get excited and exclaim “I love this song” when the band starts to play your favorite track. All of that is normal but what it not acceptable are full-blown conversations. One of my biggest concert pet peeves is trying to hear the singer share an anecdote in between songs but I can’t because someone next to me is talking about how much they hate their boss or their date last night. 


No Heckling 

Heckling is the absolute worst and hardly ever warranted. One time I was at a show and an audience member shouted out to the performer “Just F****** sing!” I couldn’t believe it! People should never feel the need to shout something like that. You most likely paid for the concert so just let the musician perform in peace. 

These are just a few of my concert pet peeves. I’m still a bit shaken by the altercation from this week but I stood my ground and thankfully nothing escalated.

That individual was out of line but I’m grateful for the concertgoers that supported me and came to my defense. They didn’t have to help someone they didn’t know but they did and I certainly appreciate it. 

What are your concert pet peeves? Share below and have a great weekend! 

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