7 Colorful Instagram Artists You Need to Follow

Instagram has been a bit crazy lately but these colorful Instagram artists aren’t! Now I know what you’re thinking, engagement is all over the place and it seems like every other day there is a new update along with a new freak out from the masses. Kinda like when Insta Stories first dropped.

We could decide to be bummed out about it all or we could just embrace the beauty of this particular online platform. There really are more advantages to Instagram than there are disadvantages. It’s all in how you look at it and when you let your social feed be guided by inspiration instead of your follower count you can appreciate it more.

Speaking of beauty, Instagram harbors some of the best artists from around the globe. (Click to Tweet) You’ll find killer photographers, skilled poets, excellent designers and fantastic painters and makers from all over. No matter what discipline you’re into there is a creative out there for you! If you look hard enough you’ll even find a handful near you!

Today, I’d like to spotlight some of the wonderful artists that bring a smile to my face on a daily basis. I love seeing their work pop up in my feed and I love being a part of an online community that supports and encourages work like theirs!


Instagram Art Community

The art community on Instagram is so warm and inviting. It’s wonderful to see all of the amazing talent out there and the different perspectives and shops from around the world. I’ve connected with artists who use everything from pastels, to ink, to vivid Golden paints and even all of the above.

There are colorful Instagram artists that will make you swoon with their brilliant use of the color wheel. You’ll also find creatives who are masters in more than one medium and who are both self-taught and school-bred. On Instagram, there really is a style for everyone and a community waiting just beyond the periphery.

All you have to do is just hit up those hashtags, type in that search bar or just scroll down below and meet 7 colorful Instagram artists you absolutely need to follow ASAP!



Taylor Lee Paints



Website || Facebook

Taylor is such a breath of fresh air. I love how music influences her just as much as it influences me and the way I express my art. She’s also super open about her mental health struggles and triumphs and helps to create an open dialogue that is really friendly, casual and honest. 

She also hops on Instagram Live weekly to paint and I give her all the major props for that one! Live painting is something that I’ve been a bit curious about but to be honest it totally terrifies me so . . .  yeah. Hah. Her website is currently under construction but she’s over in Mexico painting and if you want to follow her along during her residency then I suggest you follow her today!  


Jessi Michelle / EttaVee



Website || Pinterest || Twitter

Jessi Michelle, the brains behind those #brightbrushstrokes is a fun burst of color and, occasionally dashes of gold. She’s based in Paris and recently welcomed a new bundle of joy into the world! When I first began to share my own artwork on Instagram her EttaVee shop was one of the first ones that caught my eye and I always look forward to seeing what creative project she’s working on next. 

In her shop, you’ll find notebooks, phone cases and traditional art on canvas. You’ll also find paintings on glass and a fun past collaboration she did where she painted her signature brushstrokes on fruit!


Amira Rahim Art



Website || Facebook || Pinterest

Really if you need bold color and free-flowing brushwork in your life then Amira is 100% one of the colorful Instagram artists you need to follow. I love how her style changes and her technique may vary but her unique perspective stays the same.

You’ll also love the camel prints she has on offer and her willingness to help out other artists through art consultations and informative blog posts. Plus, she’s also a fellow Jersey girl and is based a stone’s throw away from where I was raised so I HAVE to give some hometown love! 


Sticks + Ink




Not all art needs to be overly complicated with 10,000 layers underneath. Sometimes you just need a few great layers and some courageous movement to create something beautiful. This UK shop focuses on mixed media art using hot wax, paint, and pastel. The color palettes are always really rich and the emotion is always present. 

Make this account one of the colorful Instagram artists you follow along with and check out her affordable paintings and stationary today!


Amanda Michele Art



Website || Facebook || Pinterest

Amanda Michelle’s Instagram account stands out because of her use of a wooden workspace backdrop. It gives her overall feed a more organic feel which suits the more earthy blue and green color scheme she typically uses.

Her shop is based in Brooklyn and she works primarily in watercolor as well as pen and ink. She incorporates geometric shapes into her pieces and I think those shapes add a fresh level of interest to her work. I love how she always shares her art journal and gives you a peek inside her creative process too. 


Sam Rueter Creates



Website || Pinterest

This artist is a bit different from the others since her color palette is pretty minimal. Still, her use of the full spectrum of blues, white, black and various other dashes of color are striking.

I’m pretty obsessed with the sketches she has been making for the 100 Day Challenge (which you can now buy) and I think you will be too. For the challenge, Sam, based in Charleston, South Carolina, sketched the female form in various poses with fluid splashes of color throughout. Brilliant, right?


Hannah and the Cosmos


A post shared by Hannah (@hannahandthecosmos) on



Hailing from New Zealand and currently residing in Atlanta, Hannah’s dreamy paintings bring to mind vibrant constellations and all things magical. Not to mention she typically uses my favorite color palettes and focuses on deep space blues, royal purples, turquoise, magenta and the like. For me, following Hannah’s account was a no-brainer and I’m sure it will be for you too! 


What do you think of these 7 colorful Instagram artists? Are you on your way to following them all and buying #allthethings? Share any artist I missed in the comments!

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