Brighten up your everyday with unique cases by caseapp


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Caseapp is a brand that you might already be aware of. A while back I featured a custom iPhone case by the brand on Violet Roots. Back then I went into detail about the product and my experience creating my own phone case through the Caseapp website. Feel free to check out the Caseapp review and see my first custom iPhone case design!

In an effort to not repeat myself today I opted to instead discuss a few small ways to brighten up your day. You might be asking yourself, what does a phone case have to do with that? 

Well, when you create your very own unique case with Caseapp you’re not just adding a layer of protection to your phone. You’re also adding another happy dose of positivity into your life! 

I don’t know about you but I always get a little bit of joy when I glance over at my case. It’s those small details in your life that make the biggest impact. It might seem like a frivolous thing to spend so much time thinking about but when it comes down to it choosing the right phone case for your personality matters.

When you decide on a case you do so because the design of it or the quote emblazoned on it resonates with you. There is no better way to do that than to create your very own case from scratch! 

Craft your own unique cases by Caseapp using this 20% discount code – VIOLETROOT20 – and scroll down to see a few more ways to brighten up your day!



add color to your day

I’m a fan of color and lots of color at that. Color impacts our mindset and can alter the way we think, feel and see the world. Blue, which has historically been the common denominator favorite color for all, tends to create a calmer vibe. Yellow leans more toward “happy,” green makes you think of nature and red indicates strength and power. My favorite color, which will come as no surprise to you, purple, is associated with creativity, introspection, self-care and all things mystical.

Find a color that speaks to you and add more of it to your life! You’ll be surprised by how much it changes your mood. I added #allthecolors to my brand new case and you’re more than welcome to do the same with yours!


Brighten up Your Everyday with Unique Cases by CaseApp


add another check on your to-dos

There is great power in finishing something on your to-do list. Dragging a pen across a completed task, checking off a box can feel euphoric. That doesn’t even take into account seeing a unicorn shoot across the screen in Asana!

All of these small moments are surefire ways to brighten up your day. Why? You can’t really beat the feeling of accomplishment. Not everyone likes to have a physical to-do list. Maybe yours is an app on your phone or a project management platform. Either way, adding another check mark to your task list is a great way to add some positivity to your day!


add more of what lights you up

Do you like listening to music, going for a run or lunching at Chipotle? Make more time for it in your life. The more you do something you love the brighter your day will be.  It’s as simple as that. Too frequently we make time for all the wrong things in our life. We stretch ourselves to the limit and spread ourselves too thin all for things that don’t benefit us. Having responsibilities is not an excuse to opt out of life. You’ll end up missing the big and small moments that make things special. 

I’ve made a promise to make an effort to bring art into my life. My new case is another way that I’ve committed to that promise. The design I created is a layered image of a stack of paintings from one of my previous collections. Whenever I look at it I’m instantly brought back to how happy I felt making those paintings. By choosing this design its my way of bringing that feeling around with me wherever I go!


Brighten up Your Everyday with Unique Cases by CaseApp 1


Add a social event

Lastly, the fastest way to brighten up your day is to be social! It doesn’t have to be anything fussy. Just grab a friend, drag your spouse out of the house or take your kid for a walk. Do something with someone else and I’m sure your mood will improve in no time. Better yet, if you’re already in good spirits you’ll get to an even higher state of being!

We’re social beings, and as much as we might enjoy texting away or scrolling through our social feeds ultimately we crave real connection. So, prioritize your social life and the rest will follow!

I hope these quick suggestions gave you a helpful nudge in the right direction. Make the most of the smaller moments in life and craft laptop and phone cases by Caseapp! You can add more color to your life, like me, or opt for a style that uniquely suits you! 


What do you think of these iPhone cases by Caseapp? How do you brighten your day?


Use code VIOLETROOTS20 to get 20% OFF! Plug it in by February 11th and create your own custom cases by Caseapp!

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