Caseapp Custom iPhone Cases

I’m all for anything that promotes creativity and Caseapp custom iPhone cases are just that! Want to dress up your phone or computer with a design that is all your own? Want to have more options than the same few colors and prints displayed in stores? Caseapp perfectly allows you to develop something all your own without having to pay an arm and a leg to do it. 

Caseapp is making its way around the blogosphere and I assure you that all the giveaways and the hype are well worth it. This post has been waiting in the queue since October and now I finally have the chance to share my take on the brand with all of you. Currently I have an iPhone 6 and last year when I went to the store to get a case for it I remember browsing through a very small selection of cases. They were either incredibly bulky with the weight of a coffee table book or they were super flimsy and incapable of safeguarding anything. Most of the cases were either plain primary colors or they were the same few (mostly chevron) prints that everyone else on my commute had.

I’m someone who likes variety. I like color and I like my belongings to standout. I settled on a floral watercolor designed iPhone case. It’s pretty and although it has more pink than I usually go for the bits of purple and the turquoise padding checked off most of my aesthetic checklist. With Caseapp custom iPhone cases there was no settling. You make a case that is entirely unique to you and designed with your brand or personal preferences in mind. 

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SITE & Design process

The Caseapp iPhone case site is super easy to navigate and the process of designing your case is intuitive. When your making your design the interface alerts you if you’re trying to design outside of the designated area or if an image you’re trying to add may turn out blurry. It took me awhile to make my design because I couldn’t decide which of their many options I wanted to use. There is fun clip art, relevant phrases and the ability to add your own images to a variety of templates. 


Customizable cases can be pretty expensive. Caseapp custom iPhone cases and laptop styles run around $30 give or take a few dollars depending on if you’re getting a phone or laptop case and what model you choose. Since the average case you buy in a store can cost well above that I think that it’s well priced for what it is. The lovely folks at Caseapp have thrown in a discount code of 20% OFF! Make sure you type in VIOLETROOTS20 at checkout and don’t delay – this discount is only active for a week after today!


I always appreciate when a brand goes the extra mile to make each package special. My phone case came in a small package that arrived quickly and included a nice note. 


The Caseapp design that I made is sturdy and covers the vast majority of the phone. Still, since the case I owned before this had extra padding it probably isn’t the most durable case in the market. There is a nice grip to the case and feels a bit lightweight.


My Caseapp custom iPhone case turned out exactly like how expected it to. The design isn’t distorted or blurry in any way. There was a ton of customizable options to choose from and I believe I was able to create something that was entirely representative of me. You find anything like it in a store and I’m happy with that. If you want a super sturdy case then this might not be for you but if you just want a fun design then I’d definitely recommend Caseapp for you! 

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What do you think of Caseapp custom iPhone cases? Let me know!

& don’t forget to use the discount code VIOLETROOTS20 to get 20% OFF!

NOTE: You have a week after this post goes live to take advantage of the discount! [DISCOUNT CLOSED]

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