Broods at Webster Hall

This post kicks off a string of four live music features! First, we’ll talk all things related to Broods at Webster Hall and then we’ve got Mad Decent Block Party, and The Hush Sound!

Broods, like many of the other bands that I showcase on VR, are a band that I’ve followed for a while. It’s really cool to see a band evolve and watch them grow in popularity and develop as performers. By the end of the night, I had the biggest smile on my face. They ended their set with a jumping fest as they sang “Couldn’t Believe.”

It was perfect and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the night! 

I’ve covered Broods on this blog a few times before so this time around I won’t get into the band’s history. If you’d like to know more before we get into the details of their performance then check out the links below!

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Broods at Music Hall of Williamsburg


The Opener

I mentioned in my PVRIS review that I was really surprised that the band members made an appearance before their set time. In that case, I could see them watching their opening acts perform. For this show, Broods lead singer, Georgia, came out to sing. Jarryd James and her have a song together and when she came out I was floored.  

I assumed that if they were going to perform their song at all that it would be during the headlining set. Thankfully I was proven wrong! Having Georgia come out early made waiting for their set to begin much easier.

Jarryd James, on the other hand, was great! I’ve featured him before in my male artists to know roundup. He’s on the rise and I’m really looking forward to seeing what he get’s up to next. The only downside to his set was that the sound was a little off. The instruments were a bit louder than his voice and it made certain songs harder to understand. 



Georgia Nott

Even though Broods is a brother-sister duo Georgia is more so the face of the group. Her personality really shined through during this set and is something that was even more pronounced than before. 

During the acoustic portion of the set, she had the audience help her sing “Happy Birthday” to a member of their team. She also shared which songs she was excited to play and professed her love for emotional songs. Saying at one point, “Let’s keep going with the feels.” That’s something that both her and Aurora have in common. 

On a superficial note, I also couldn’t help but notice her gorgeous ring! Georgia got engaged in between their first record, ‘Evergreen’, and the latest, ‘Conscious.’ On occasion, the stage lights hit her rock and if I didn’t have my own I would 100% be jealous! 


Broods at Webster Hall - Broods performed to sold out crowd in NYC for their headlining North American tour! Get concert highlights and insights from Broods at Webster Hall today!



Other major changes included an expanded band, bigger light production, and an outfit change. Caleb and Georgia Nott wore coordinating outfits, starting in black as they opened their set performing “Conscious” and then switching to white outfits mid-set. You could say that it was more along the lines of four looks since each outfit had removable parts. 



Having read a few of their interviews I was expecting for this show to have a different feel than the first. Broods stated that after touring with their first record they wanted to make an album with higher energy. For ‘Conscious’, they wanted a sound that could fill up a room and get the audience energized. 

When I saw Broods at Webster Hall I could immediately feel the difference. As where last time the vibe was more on the “chill” side of life this concert had me on my feet and moving!

Georgia always danced during their set but this time, the beats were much more conducive to that. The songs allowed for more flexibility in her vocal range and overall she exuded a lot more confidence. 

Broods ended their pre-encore set with “Free” which begins with Georgia’s strong and determined voice. She also stretched herself during the set as she emotionally sang “Freak of Nature” and then pulled it back in for a stripped down version of an equally emotional “All of Your Glory.”  




What do you think of Broods at Webster Hall?

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