Blogger Problems

Sometimes you have a problem and sometimes you have a blogger problem. Today let’s chat about a few reoccurring issue I’ve noticed that have only emerged in my life since I started blogging.

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Having to Explain/Defend Your Blog

A lot of people think they know what a blog is. Those same people project their idea of a blog onto you and 9 times out of 10 they’re wrong. Unfortunately, this blogger problem isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Blogs are more popular than ever but, when it comes down to it, they are still a part of a subculture that not very many people outside of it will ever understand. We should really pat ourselves on the back for making it look so easy but boy is it anything but easy.  


Not Being in the Present (sometimes)

I’ve mentioned this before but when you stand on top of a chair to get a nice shot of your brunch and latte you are not being in the present. You don’t have to be ashamed of it.

We’ve all (even non-bloggers) been that person that stops in the middle of something to immortalize it in the form of a snap,  scope, tweet or photo. Still, when you’re a blogger you run the risk of encountering this issue more than someone without a blog and you just have to make a mental note to not get too carried away.


The Weather Personally Hating You

Everyone has bad hair days, creative dry spells and unproductive days but there is no blogger problem more frustrating than the weather. What’s worse than you having a plan and a desire to work but then falling flat on your face because there is zero sunlight? What about the rain? Or the at times, long-standing cloud coverage aka The Winter?

This past weekend, for instance, I really wanted to take a few photos for an upcoming post but it seemed like every time I wanted to do it the clouds would roll in, the temperatures would drop and the wind would pick up. 


The Picture Struggle is Real

You thought the weather was the only picture related thing on this list? Think again. Let’s say the weather is perfect – you still have to get a great shot and pick a picture. Sometimes you’re lucky and you nail it within the first few frames and other times you end up with 50 pictures of your flat lay before you find the one that works.


Forever Chasing the Wi-fi

When the internet drops its like hearing nails on a chalkboard or hearing the loud screech of a car quickly coming to a stop. When this happens I use my phone as my personal hotspot for my laptop but chasing the wi-fi is still a weekly occurrence for me and one of the more tedious blogger problems. 


Being a Numbers Junkie (sometimes)

Everyone likes when someone “likes” their photo on Instagram, retweets them or leaves a comment on their blog. You can’t buy that kind of genuine affirmation. Still, like I’ve said before, counting the stats is no way to live. This is one of those blogger problems that can be a bit debilitating and can even crush your self-esteem. Although being aware of your numbers is necessary it isn’t the equivalent of your success or worth as a blogger.


Brands Undervaluing You

If you have a low opinion of bloggers and if certain bloggers are willing to put up with a lot because they don’t feel important enough then this can become unavoidable. Regardless, when you’re working with a company or are considering sponsored content then you have to value yourself and the work you’re doing.

You’re in talks with a company either because you approached them or they approached you. If they reached out then they already see your value, and if you did and the conversation is positive then they know you’re worth it.

This is one of the few blogger problems listed that you have no control over. There will always be someone who wants to get over on you however it doesn’t mean you have to let them.  If they don’t appreciate you then stand up for yourself and focus your time on something more meaningful. 


Blogger Envy

Oh, blogger envy! I think that Instagram was specifically designed to optimize blogger envy or just envy period. Some of these blogger problems are things that can occur from time to time but are by no means an everyday occurrence.

However, all it takes to get a little jealous is to scroll through your Instagram feed a smidge too long. See one perfect beach body – you can handle it just fine. See 6 and you might be able to brush it off. See a 12th modelesque girl on an exotic trip gifted by an amazing brand and BOOM – say hello to Mr.Envy!

We all fall prey to it from time to time and then we pick ourselves back up and keep on blogging. Not because we want that exotic trip but because we love it. Although, I would definitely take the trip too. 

Have you run into any of these blogger problems? Did I miss any?

Let me know in the comments and remember to check back every day leading up to 2/17 for new content!

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