Black music to listen to beyond black history month

Here is the thing, I could have set this post on black music for much earlier in Black History Month but I have mixed feelings about being designated a month anyways. So, instead of falling in line and sharing my thoughts on black music during February I wanted to make a point, towards the end of the month, that these are things that should be celebrated and acknowledged throughout the year. 

My music taste is varied. You can see for yourself the kind of artists I listen to. In the past, I’ve included both mainstream artists like Rihanna and Pharrell as well as lesser known music, acts like Chloe x Halle, Raury, and NAO.

For this feature, I want to emphasize both smaller and larger acts that either I haven’t given enough love too on Violet Roots, or the vast public has not. The past and the present have left me with more artists to choose from than I can count. I settled on 10 but there is one thing I need to address first.

The thing is, there is more to black music than Beyonce. I know for some people that might be hard to grasp since for them she’s kin to a goddess and if you watched the Grammys that might actually be true. 

Still, I want you to think beyond her gold dipped musical prowess and embrace artists who have made their own contributions to the black lexicon. They might not all be as flashy but they should still be valued and given their moment in the sun.


Music for healing

Before we get to the music I want to just quickly say that last year I was beyond impressed by the quality of the music being produced in my community. Of course on the radio, you probably only heard the usual suspects. Still, outside of that, there were quite a few records that had perfect timing.

They weren’t just about fast cars and faster girls. There was substance, social commentary and an all around uplifting vibe that was (and still is) desperately needed in the current climate of this country.

In an effort not to make this post go on forever, and to not repeat things I’ve already pointed out in my best albums list, I kept this roundup simple. Regardless, I encourage you to check out some of the memorable releases from this and last year. I’m sure you’ll find at least one record worth holding onto all year round!


Black Music to Listen to Beyond Black History Month


When I put this list together I didn’t intend to make it so female-focused but what can I say? These ladies killed it! Scroll down and give your ears a bit of bliss or head to Spotify to hear more playlists and black music today!






Are you familiar with these artists? What black music will you be listening to beyond black history month?

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