Best Recent Soundtracks 

Who can deny that music can make or break a dramatic scene or a grand finale? Outstanding music adds to the overall experience and fully transports you to another dimension. Some of the best recent soundtracks include a soaring instrumental or a building beat. 

I’m going to be honest and admit that I’m not much of a movie buff. I know at least a handful of television shows that have great Soundtracks but if you were to ask me to name a few movies I’d probably return your question with a blank stare.

Still, it doesn’t mean that some of the best recent Soundtracks have totally flown over my head. In fact, a good soundtrack and an intriguing trailer are the fastest way to get me into a theater. 


Different Types of Soundtracks 

A few of the songs I included in today’s playlist are flashy and attention grabbing. These are not the only types of songs that make a film. Some of the best movie music is some that you don’t even fully notice. 

That might sound counterintuitive but haer me out. In a suspense thriller, you might not get a song with a catchy hook and booming bass. Instead, you might hear a subtle hum that adds to a creepy scene or a dark rhythm that creates a sense of foreboding. 

Like every other kind of music, soundtracks can be varied. 


What about TV Music?

Some television series are built around the music it features. Looking at you Nashville and Glee! 

Other series just have impeccable taste in music and make you want to stop instantly and download everything just you heard. Like The Originals! 

I’m sure you’ve had countless moments where you’ve paused an episode on Netflix just so that you could immediately google, Shazam, Soundhound etc. your way to music bliss. The song was just so good you had to know what it was in that moment!

Or is that just me?

Either way, there are way too many television shows to list in this post so I’m saving that for a future installment! Get excited!

Until that post goes live listen to the best recent soundtracks by Charli XCX, Halsey, Sam Bruno, Metric, Juice Newton, Florence + the Machine, Rihanna, X Ambassadors, Skrillex & Rick Ross! Hear these songs and more dope music on Spotify! 


The Fault in Our Stars 


Suicide Squad


The Huntsman: Winters War


Paper Towns



Scott Pilgrim vs. The World 




Snow White & the Huntsman


Star Trek Beyond


Me Before You


Let me know what you think of the best recent soundtracks! Did I miss any?

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