10 Bands that Should Be Famous

Everyone has that one band in their music library that they wish their friends new about. You might even know several bands that should be famous but aren’t. It’d be nice if you could turn on the radio and hear their latest song but sometimes mainstream radio takes awhile to catch up.

No worries, though! These 10 groups should be more popular and even if no one else knows it yet I’m letting you in on the secret! Some of these artists have been around for years and some have just begun. All of them are well worth a listen and, in my opinion, qualify as artists that should be on your radar! 

If you want more underrated and rising tunes feel free to check out the awesome female songstresses and male musicians I previously spotlighted! Afterward, check out these 10 talented bands below!


There are plenty of duos on this list. PLGMS is just the first of many talented pairs with amazing songwriting skills. Hailing from Sydney, this band makes music that lures you in and then ups the ante with each note.

They’re just getting started so this tune and “Fools and their Gold” are the only songs they have available. Don’t worry though they’re more than good enough to hold you over until their full-length debut!



This sister duo isn’t even twenty yet but their talent is well beyond their years! Chloe x Halle Bailey originally hail from Atlanta but relocated to L.A. They signed with Beyoncé’s label, Parkwood Entertainment, along with only two other acts and are consistently blowing my mind!

Their sound is R&B and I particularly love “Drop” because of the haunting quality of their vocals as they harmonize and the sick beat “drop.” The video is just the cherry on the top!   



Pins sound just as good as each of their individual style. Their music reminds me of the kind of homegrown rock sounds I used to listen to in high school. Listening to this English foursome just makes me smile and gets me in a positive mindset.

Unfortunately, as in most industries, females have a bit of a rougher go and the music scene is no different. I’m always in support of female bands and female singers and this group has my stamp of approval!




More siblings?! Yep! I didn’t intend to have so many musical families in this roundup but there’s nothing wrong with that. Say Lou Lou isn’t the end so get ready for a bit more!

Now that we’ve got that out of the way could someone tell me why this set of twins aren’t all over the place already? There are bands that should be famous and then there are bands that I literally have zero clue why they aren’t. Elektra and Miranda would be one of them. 

This dream pop duo comes from a musical family with their Australian father and Swedish mother having both been in separate bands. The musical talent is crystal clear and I’m sure you’ll see it too!



I dare you to not dance to this Machineheart song! How catchy is that?! Machineheart popped into my life a while back as a Spotify suggestion. This is another example of when finding new music saves the day!

I was desperate for something fresh to listen to and this band, fronted by Stevie, is exactly that! Others seem to agree. This song has passed 26,00,000 views on Spotify alone! 



Prides, based in Glasgow, are a synthpop trio. Their music came to my attention in the YouTube recommendations and I’m eternally grateful. If you like MGMT but prefer your music with subtle accents and deeper voices then you should love these guys!

Whenever this song comes up on shuffle I start singing at the top of my lungs. It’s an instant classic in my opinion and I have no idea why more people aren’t aware of them. This trio is one of the many bands that should be famous and I hope they pick up steam soon.



Glass Animals! This group is one of the first acts that came to mind when I thought of bands that should be famous. I’ve featured them previously and their music never disappoints. As far as I’m concerned it has everything you could ever want: danceable beats, lyrics that draw you in and an alluring vibe that keeps you wanting more. 



Just a reminder the “*” notes any content on VR that may be considered controversial to some. 

Another trio, Haelos has an air of mystery and a collection of provocative videos to match their massive musical talents. In March of 2016, this British band debuted their full-length record Full Circle.

Admittedly I was late to the party with this band but their album is a well thought out effort that I wish I found sooner. There is a cinematic quality to their music and I wouldn’t be surprised if I heard it in the background of some of my favorite shows. Healos’ Full Circle is in the running for my best albums of 2016 list so keep a look out for them! 



Elliot and Natalie Bergman, aka Wild Belle, caught my eye a few years back. Natalie’s raspy voice is what easily separates this sibling duo from the rest. Still, that doesn’t take away any credit from Elliot. Not only is he a multi-instrumentalist but the afrobeat influences from his former band give the listener something entirely new to chew on. 

There aren’t very many groups with their sound out there. For some that might be a bad thing but I think the more diverse the soundscape is the better! 



Lastly, SAFIA is an Australian trio from Canberra. This is another Indie pop act that I have YouTube to thank for. I’m telling you guys if you haven’t been mining the recommended content on YouTube yet you’re missing out!

Their debut album, titled Internal, is due for release on September 9th. That’s just in time for my birthday on the 8th and, if you ask me, is a pretty awesome belated birthday present! Until then, if you want to add something unexpected to your Summer Sixteen playlist give this song a try! 

What do you think of these 10 bands that should be famous? What other artists are underrated?

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