7 Terrific Bands on the Rise in 2017 That You Have to Know

When I was younger bands took up the vast majority of my music library. I’m a child of the 90s so the first thing that comes to mind when I say “bands” are those 90s boy band wars that I used to have on the playground. You were either on the Backstreet Boys side of the fence or *NSYNC. There were a few 98 degrees girls, some into O-Town and a few who were all about Hanson. There was even that faux boy band 2gether – bonus points if you remember that!

Eventually, my music palette matured as well as rebelled and I became drawn to The Beatles, The Zombies, The Kinks, The Clash and the Dead Kennedys. Didn’t think I’d go from Justin’s frosted tips to DK, did you? Haha. My tastes are diverse. 

Now that we’ve gone down memory lane a bit the main point here is that bands aren’t as popular as they used to be. Think about it. There aren’t any fewer bands than there used to be it’s just that mainstream music charts are filled with solo acts. Why is that? I can’t put my finger on it but that’s where Violet Roots comes in!

A few posts back I compiled a master list of underrated talent and even shared my take on seeing PVRIS perform for the second time. I didn’t include them in last year’s bands feature but they definitely didn’t disappoint! They’re touring this summer with Muse and 30 Seconds to Mars and the only reason why I won’t be there is because it’s after my move. Sad emoji’s all around. I hope at least one of you will get to enjoy that lineup for me.

For today’s post, I want to focus on 7 bands on the rise in 2017. Not every band will be new but they’re all picking up steam this year and should definitely be on your radar. Get caught up with these awesome tunes below, listen to my Spotify playlist and share with your friends! 








What do you think of these 7 bands on the rise in 2017? Did I include your favorite?

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