8 Amazing Artists That Are Way Overdue for New Music


I’m convinced that all of the amazing artists that are way overdue for new music have all fallen into a vortex. As a self-proclaimed music enthusiast, I have a love-hate relationship with “the studio.” You see, artists go into “the studio” and I’m convinced some of them get lost in there. 

Maybe it’s a trap or some deep dark hole. Maybe they enter it and then get chained to the soundboard until they complete their next masterpiece. I don’t know but I can sometimes get a little impatient with the whole process. 

Still, this doesn’t mean that I don’t respect the process. After all, you can’t rush art and if you need to pull a Lorde and have a 5-year break in between records then have at it! Art doesn’t have a time limit and great albums require a lot of time. Some artists can work well within strict deadlines and produce quality work year after year and others need more time. 


How long is “overdue”?

So, exactly how long is “overdue”? For me, it depends. I think because of artists like Rihanna who released an album pretty much every year, except for Anti, listeners are spoiled. They get into the habit of expecting their faves to give them something new year after year like clockwork. When that doesn’t happen their fans get antsy. 

For instance, Little Monsters had to wait 3 years for a full on Gaga album. By the time Joanne came out the fanbase was about to explode. Lorde’s Pure Heroine came out in 2013 . . . like what?! I almost cried when I found out her new record Melodrama (out June 16th) was on the way. You can’t leave me hanging for that long and not expect me to go a little bonkers in the meantime. 

Last year I let you in on a few buzzworthy acts that had new albums on the horizon and while some of those artists have delivered others have not. One of the bands with rumored albums, HAIM, is referenced here again but the rest of the artists are different.

When it comes to this list I’m going to focus on artists who haven’t released a full body of work in 3+ years. This doesn’t include singles, features, compilations or other one-off circumstances. I think 2-year album intervals is somewhat normal for the current state of the industry so even though as a fan the waiting game can be tough I can handle it.


Recent Releases

Some of the artists featured have just announced new albums but since they have not yet been released they still make the cut. Lorde and Katy Perry are listed below and my music library can not wait until I have fresh tunes from them both!

While we all anxiously await new albums make sure you also stop by Spotify to see what else you should listen to this season!

So without further delay scroll down to relive some of the best tracks from the past and get a taste of what’s to come from 8 amazing artists that are way overdue for new music! (Click to Twee) You’ll find their latest album title and release date listed above them. If you make it to the end, you’ll even find a surprise!



Lorde || Pure Heroine || 2013


PVRIS || White Noise || 2014


HAIM || Days Are Gone || 2013



The Killers || Battle Born || 2012


Katy Perry || Prism || 2013


Arctic Monkeys || AM || 2013



Charli XCX || Sucker || 2014


Taylor Swift || 1989 || 2014


BONUS: Missy Elliott || The Cookbook || 2005


What do you think of these 9 artists that are way overdue for new music? Did I miss anyone?

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