5 Albums You Probably Slept On in 2016

The year isn’t over yet so this might seem premature but I think it’s important to address the elephant in the room. Y’know, the hundreds of musicians that get zero airtime and very little praise. I can’t get to every artist but I can spend today shedding light on the 5 albums you probably slept on in 2016.

I think freshening up your music library is important. Adding new music into your rotation and widening your musical perspective is, to me, just a smart life choice. After all, no matter how much you might like those hits from the 2000s there is always room for more. 

That’s where today’s music selection comes in! With the internet growing bigger and better with every second it’s becoming easier to find new music. You don’t have to be reliant on the radio anymore. There is an app for everyone and a streaming service for every personality. 

Regardless of all this, the average person still has to do some digging in order to find something new. You have to actively seek it, and for a lot of people, that’s simply asking too much. Browsing and really searching through YouTube or going through recommendations on Spotify can be time-consuming. 

You have to truly love music and crave new sounds in order to put that effort in. Naturally, most people play what they already know and wait for the acts they’re already familiar with to produce more songs. It turns the music industry into a sea of sameness and leaves a lot of talent collecting dust. 


Under the Radar

Today I want to introduce you to a  handful of artists who dropped records this year. You might know some and other albums you probably slept on. Either way, I’ve got your back musically so there is no need to fret! When the radio plays the same 3 Drake songs over and over again who can blame you for missing on a few lesser known artists?

Don’t hesitate to add these artists to any future holiday party playlists you might be cooking up! It’ll be a nice change of pace from the usual snow-covered cheer and will win you brownie point with the crowd. When those fresh sounds hit their ears and they have no clue who it’s by you’ll come in and save the day with your impeccable music taste! 

You don’t even have to tell them where you heard it first, it can be our little secret! However, if you do feel like passing along who introduced these songs to you feel free to share it from the roof tops!

These 5 albums you probably slept on are sleeper hits waiting to happen! Give your current playlist a break and check out music by Glades, PJ, Elephante, Stephen and Willa! Hear these songs and more dope music on Spotify! 


Glades || This is What It’s Like





Elephante || I am the Elephante


Stephen || Sincerely


Willa || Criminals + Dreamers


What do you think of these artists? Did you know any? What albums do you think deserve more praise?

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